Cookies Policy

What are cookies?:

Cookies are files sent to a browser through a Web server in order to register users’ activities on a Web page.

Thanks to cookies, it is possible to recognize user computer’s browser helping to make browsing easier. It also helps to measure the audience and Web site traffic, controlling the progress and entries’ number.

All this information is recorded in a server’s activity file that allows the subsequent data processing in order to obtain statistics that help us to know the pages’ impression numbers, number of visitors in a Web, etc.

What cookies do we use?:

We use the next cookies:

  • Own cookies: we use a technical cookie to store the result of “cookies acceptance” to show or not the notice of “accept cookies”
  • Third-party cookies: Google Analytics, which help us to analyse user’s navigation on our Web page.

How can you eliminate cookies?:

The user is able to configure his browser in order to be notified on screen about cookies’ reception and not allow its installation. Please, consult your browser’s instructions for more information.