Entradas para HOTEL HABANA SHOW, el espectáculo musical


From LETSGO, producer of The Hole, Dirty Dancing and The Addams Family, in collaboration with Havana Company, comes: Hotel Habana Show. A musical show that will take you to Old Havana without leaving your city.

An original LETSGO production - in association with Havana Company - that combines dance, music and circus acts in order to immerse you into a fun experience able to make you feel the magic of the island and its characters.

The show tells the story of the Hotel Habana, or what remains of it. A place that, behind the cracks in the walls and debris of their fallen balconies, keeps beautiful love stories and successes.

On its stage performed stars such as the great Rita Valdés, whom in the golden ‘50s, had Havana prostrated at her feet.

Several decades later, Rita and the other inhabitants of this iconic abandoned hotel attempt to keep their home and its history intact.

Buy your ticket now for the most spectacular musical and travel to the Caribbean without queues, planes or passports.

We will wait for you in Malaga on May to rumble to the beat of the tremendous timba with the best Cuban salsa and bolero.